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Bright money- Cash&Credit Loan, a 100% online loan application, provides you with smart financial solutions! Get an unsecured credit loan in a simpler way, so that all friends who need a loan can avoid the embarrassment and distress of being rejected.

Loan products
Bright money-Cash&Credit Loan, no guarantee is required. The entire application process can be completed on your mobile phone. You can apply for a low-interest cash loan here.

Age requirement: must be above 20+ years old
Loan Amount: from ₹ 9,000 to ₹ 1 lakhs
Tenure: flexible tenure from 95 days to 365 days
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) varies from 18%-31%
Service charge: Service fee varies from 6%-15%
In addition, GST will be applicable only on the fee components as per Indian laws.

For example: If your loan amount is 10000 rupees, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 18%, the Loan Duration is 120 days, and the Processing fee is 6%, The details of other expenses are as follows:
Total Insterest: ₹10,000*18%(APR)*120/365= ₹591.78
Processing fees(PF) + GST: ₹10,000*6%+(₹10,000*6%)*18%= ₹708
In-Hand Amount: Loan Amount-(PF + GST) = ₹ 10,000- ₹ 708 = ₹ 9292
Total Repayable Amount: Loan Amount + Total Insterest = ₹ 10,000 + ₹591.78 = ₹ 10,591.78

Please make sure to repay online on time, which will help improve your credit score and get better quality bank loans.

How to apply for an online loan at Bright money
1. Download Bright money from the GooglePlay store;
2. Use your mobile phone number to register and log in to the APP;
3. Fill in the information required to apply for a loan and ensure that it is correct;
4. Pass the loan application;
5. The money will arrive at your bank card within a short time after passing through;

If you need a cash loan or have difficulty applying for a credit card for some reason, we recommend that you download Bright money from the GooglePlay store to get an easy, simple and safe cash loan. Your information will be strictly protected and will not be disclosed to anyone;

For more information please contact us:
Customer Service Hotline: ****, but we strongly recommend you to consult the WhatsApp customer service on the APP after downloading the APP;
Customer Service Email:
Company Address: Sakuntala Apartments, 44, Nehru Place, New Delhi.

Secure credit & cash loan, 7/24 hours loan
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