Give people a reason to follow you

Instead of (or in addition to) just putting your credentials, slogan, or value proposition in your Instagram bio, give potential followers a clear picture of what they can expect if they follow you. For example:
Follow for dog training tips; prepare for cuteness overload. Follow me if you’re into, you know, securing your financial future and binary options. Your go-to for quick marketing tips and brilliant, original memes. Cooking tips for the cullinarily challenged. Nature

You have to wait 15 seconds.

Generating Website Link...

Pick the right handle First thing’s first, make sure your Instagram handle is as close to your business name and to your other social media handles as possible. This ensures your account will be easy to remember, find, and recognize.

Make sure it’s a business profile

An Instagram business profile gives you access to analytics that will show you who your followers are, what content they like best, and whether you’re gaining or losing them. If you haven’t made the switch, go to the hamburger in the top right of your bio, tap Settings, then tap Switch to Professional Account. Select your category, provide your business details, and you’ll be good to go.

Nix the boring bio link

This is prime Instagram real estate. Do you really want it to link to your homepage? Yawn. The best Instagram bios change their bio link up at least bi-weekly and send people to new or popular content, promo codes, landing pages, and more. Better yet, you could use an app like Linktree to share multiple links to value-add destinations like website pages, blog posts, deals, and more.

Focus on quality followers

There are a billion Instagram users (literally). But do you want disengaged onlookers who breathe no life into your account? Fickle followers that unfollow just as quickly? Didn’t think so. You want followers who: Comment on, like, and share your posts. Appreciate your content and give you a sense of purpose. Convert into leads and customers. Help you to get more great followers. If Instagram followers are candy, you’re not trying to break open a pinata and pounce. You’re looking to curate a box of fine chocolates and cultivate a community.